Zhang Shi

I first contacted Caspar ten Dam in May 2020, when as board-member of Association for the Study of EthnoGeoPolitics (EGP) and executive editor of its peer-reviewed journal Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics (see www.ethnogeopolitics.org), he invited me to join the journal’s editorial board for its Chinese-language section (and any submitted papers having to do with China). Since then I am helping through my experience as an Amazon kindle e-book author to get the first publications of EGP’s new publishing house EGxPress more widely available and distributed at Amazon and other outlets (see e.g. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08LG7WMKT).

Caspar ten Dam clearly shows appreciation for my expertise – currently part-time professor on IGI-GLOBAL (www.igi-global.com) having been engaged in intellectual property work for over ten years, and having published multiple papers related to intellectual property – and it has been a joy to cooperate with him on the said and a number of other projects. I hope to work with him on a number of my own forthcoming book publications (on e.g. the 56 ethnic groups in China and the 45 countries and cultures in Europe) in the immediate future – and collaborate on a number of joint projects at or through his CTDam Consultancy in the foreseeable future.


Ms. Zhang Shi, Assistant editor & Chinese studies editor at Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics

MA agricultural mechanical engineering at Shenyang Agricultural University; MA economic law at China University of political science and law, China

Current specialisms and research areas: intellectual property law, international law, ethnicities and cultures in East (esp. China) and West (esp. Europe)