Caspar ten Dam (MA political science) has built a significant publication record over the years; multiple articles, book chapters and other manuscripts have been published, or will be published, in peer-reviewed journals, other journals and (academic) books, including books of his own as the sole or main author.

A more extensive version of the publication list shown below can be found in my full CV. The list below only shows the most significant publications that already have appeared.

Apart from the websites and online-editions of the journals and publishers in question, most of my publications are freely available and downloadable at:


Research publications (selected/peer-reviewed a/o editorially reviewed):

2013-2019     Main publications in own journal Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics:

  • ‘Tribal Kinship Identities in Present-day Societies: Proposals for Ethnogeopolitical Research’ Vol.7 No.2, Winter 2019, pp.156-167.

  • ‘What (Little) We Know about Albanian Tribes: Reflections and Tabulations’  Vol.6 No.3, Winter 2018, pp.23-65.

  • ‘Conflict Patterns Revisited: Trends, Frequencies, Types and Brutalities in both Ethnic and Non-Ethnic Conflicts’  Vol.5 No.1, Summer 2017, pp.41-62.

  • ‘Democratic Transition, Transformation and Development in times of War and Peace’  Vol.4 No.2, Winter 2016, pp.5-18.

  • ‘Looking at Conflict Patterns: Declining Frequencies yet Persistent Brutalities in both Ethnic and Non-Ethnic Conflicts’  Vol.3 No.2, Autumn 2015, pp.9-25.

  • ‘Let’s be Clear: A Call for Tripartite Action-Actor-Motivation Conceptualisations in Social-Scientific Research’ (Editorial)  Vol.3 No.1, Spring 2015, pp.5-18.

  • ‘Patriotism and Brutality vis-à-vis Nationalism, Ethnicity and other Identity Formations’ (Editorial)  Vol.2 No.2, Autumn 2014, pp.5-19.

  • ‘Private Military Contractors: Deplore or Deploy? – Lessons from the ‘Blackwater Scandal’ in Iraq’ Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics Vol.1 No.2, Autumn 2013, pp.20-47.

 2010-2012     ‘How to Feud and Rebel’ series in Iran and the Caucasus (Brill):

 2008-2015     Main publications in other journals a/o books:


Own publications (self-published manuscripts):