Pawan Sen

I know Drs. Caspar ten Dam since 2012 as my friend and PhD colleague when he was a PhD student in the Department of History and I in the Department of Political Science at Leiden University, the Netherlands. He has a good comprehension of the conflict and terrorism. He has been involved in various interdisciplinary researches dealing with human rights violations and terrorism prevention, particularly in the context of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus and the former Soviet Union. We had presented papers individually under the same panel (Ethnogeopolitics and its place in the international development and conflict studies) during the CERES Summer School 2012 at the University of Amsterdam, where he dealt with the cases of Chechnya and Kosovo, and I with Nepal. At present, he is working on his own Brutalisation Theory and testing its validity on the Chechen and Albanian insurgents, amongst other cases. In addition to this, he is contributing to an academic journal called Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics in a capacity of Executive Editor, which is published at least twice a year since 2013.

Pawan Kumar Sen is consultant at Interdisciplinary Analysts ( in Kathmandu, Nepal, and PhD candidate at Political Science, Leiden University, the Netherlands