KPSRL seminar ‘A Critical Juncture: South Sudan’

logokpsrlnewAs a KPSRL member, I have been invited to attend this seminar with an expert panel on South Sudan organized by the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL); the following text is adopted and adapted from (accessed 22 January 2020):


KPSRL seminar ‘A Critical Juncture: South Sudan’s security amidst a tenuous peace deal’

Organized by the Secretariat of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL)
Date & Location: Thursday, January 23rd 2020, from 15:30 till 17:30
The Hague Office of the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) at Hofweg 9E, The Hague, the Netherlands

southsudanpeacedealA South Sudanese perspective

Three professors from South Sudan will provide their reflections on the current intricacies of South Sudan’s security sector in the context of an unpredictable peace agreement.

After six years of conflict, the young nation is poised at a critical juncture, mid-way through the 100-day extension of a ceasefire agreement that hopes to lead to naming a unity government. While the internal borders and national identity of this nascent state are still being (violently) contested, processes of statebuilding, comprehensive security and nationbuilding are not simply abstract challenges. They are actual lived experiences for these visiting scholars, who are eager to share their research on: building an inclusive security sector; military economy of SSR in South Sudan; and the current peace process.

This public event, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch Embassy in Juba, and the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law, will provide an unparalleled view into how South Sudanese experts themselves are analyzing the current situation.

15:30 –  Opening remarks

  • Janet Alberda – The Dutch Ambassador to Juba

15:45 –  Addresses by three South Sudanese scholars

  • Dr James Solomon Padiet – Scene setting: implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan
  • Dr Abraham Kuol Nyuon – Reflecting on the specific context of the military economy of Security Sector Reform in South Sudan
  • Prof. Dr Samson Samuel Wassara – The complexities and domestic efforts of establishing an inclusive security sector in the context of polarized identities

16:45 – Moderated Q&A with the audience
17:30 – Drinks